Dee Tyndall the illustrator behind Hey Doodle Dee's illustrated wedding stationery in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hey Doodle Dee came about back in 2012 when I painted a picture of me and my fiancé as a present to him.  It told the story of how we met and my fiancé loved it so much that I went on to paint one for my sister, my friends and before I knew it, I began painting the stories of people I’d never met before and Hey Doodle Dee was born.


I love stories and there’s nothing better than a good love story.  It’s a privilege to hear about the weird and wonderful ways that couples meet, their first dates, the proposal and their plans for their future.  And it’s an honour to create something so personal for their wedding stationery.


To show my appreciation to the couples I work with, I give each of them a gift of their unique A3 sized artwork as a little souvenir of their big day.